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Multi Mixed Reality was found in 2019 by group of Armenian and Indian engineers and has already proved itself as a reliable supplier of high quality RF and Microwave devices and systems designed to meet 5G transition needs of the global telecom market over the next years.
MMR produces both standard and custom‐made components made from highest quality materials. Thanks to the supply chain and the manufacturing methods, the production and services meet the highest global standards, including the environmental and production regulations, and are able keep the prices low regardless of quantity.

Having high quality engineering team with more than 15 years of experience in RF and Microwave industry, MMR produces both standard and custom‐made components made from highest quality materials. Currently MMR offers design and production of more than 200 RF and Microwave devices and systems: adapters, circulators/isolators, couplers, LNA’s, termination, secondary channel antennas and other standard and custom‐made components. MMR with JV Micronics provide high-quality Anechoic Chambers, EMI/EMC chambers and RF Absorbers. As of September 2022, Multi Mixed Reality LLC possesses intellectual assets with total cost of USD 1 500 000.

The company is formed in order utilize and maximise the current business opportunities offered through global transition of telecom market to 5G and the growing market related to that technology. In 2023 MMR plans to update its testing laboratory (mostly from National Instruments and Anritsu) and set up a modern 5G Laboratory in Armenia in cooperation with JV Micronics (India) and OverWave Labs (Canada), to be equipped with a comprehensive portfolio of test and measurement (T&M) instruments and systems for the development, production and acceptance testing of components. Creation of the 5G Lab and 5G antenna production with secure supply chain in Armenia will supply of safe affordable equipment that does not use any transmission, control, computing, or storage equipment from untrusted IT vendors, such as Huawei and ZTE, which are required to comply with directives of the Chinese Communist Party in the Region and beyond. The goal of the business plan in to attain investment in the amount of $5,000,000 in order to set up the MMR Laboratory and further develop the existing production of RF and Microwave components in Armenia, implement the marketing strategy and cover other business‐related costs.