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The system is composed of two modules, two 4U rackmounts, supporting two independent system, the first for
sensory intrusion detection and the other thermal leakage detection, which both may connect to and utilise the same
standard telecom fibre-optics cable. The intrusion detection system is capable of identifying 500 simultaneous
objects within a range of 25 metres. As for the thermal leakage detection system, the latter is capable of achieving a
spatial resolution of 2 m to 25 cm at temperatures spanning from -220 to 600 degrees celsius.

Thermal Detection:
Mesurement Range: 40 km per sensor up to 150 km with ex.
amplifiers – 80 km per head end , 300 km with ex. amplifiers.
Spacial Resolution: 25-50 cm over 10 km , `1-2 m over 40 km
Strain Mesurement Range: 2.5%
Strain Resolution: 2μ ε
Strain Accurcy: 20 με
Temperature Mesurement Rnge: -220°C to +600°C
Temperature Resolution: 0.1°C typ, 0.01°C max
Temeperature Accuracy: 1°C
Acquisition Time: 20 sec to 5 min, 2 min typ.
Number of Chanel: 2 std, 200 max on request